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Post Alarm is proud to be one of the exclusive dealers for an outstanding product called Videofied. Videofied requires no phone and no power to communicate with our Central Monitoring Center. Videofied is a product that uses integrated night vision motion detectors to send a 10 second video clip to our Central Monitoring Center. It is compatible with almost all existing alarm systems or can be used as the primary alarm system itself.

Videofied delivers apprehensions instead of recordings of yesterday’s crimes. When the alarm is armed and the integrated night vision motion detector triggers, Videofied takes a video clip of the event and immediately sends the picture to our Central
Monitoring Center as well as emails/text messages the images to the designated security director at your site. This not only allows our monitoring center operators to instantly see what it was that set the alarm off (i.e. dog, or actual burglar) but it verifies the alarm so that the police will respond immediately…in many cases leading to actual apprehension of the burglar on the premises. Instant notification and priority response
means apprehensions and greater security. Imagine being able to view the actual burglary in progress as opposed to viewing CCTV footage the next day after the burglary has occurred. It is completely wireless, requires no phone or power lines, can
lead to actual burglar capture and can cut down on false alarms.

Portable Remote Sentries

The portable battery powered PIR motion sensor with integrated camera and illuminators can be installed anywhere, often mounted on portable stands that can be picked up and moved around as the situation demands, no trenching, no wires. It can
even detect intruders in storms and blizzards, ignoring rain and snow.

Security for Almost any Application

Videofied is an excellent solution for Substations and Power Plants, Cell Towers and Transmission Lines, Residential and Commercial Construction Sites, Rooftop Cooling Units and Emergency Generators, Cargo Trailers on Big Rigs, as well as Water Treatment Facilities…just to name a few.