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Adding monitored fire protection to your security system does not only play a crucial role in saving valued property but it is a crucial element of life safety. Monitored smoke and heat detectors decrease the chance of injury or fatality if a fire should start. Although non-monitored, battery operated smoke detectors will alert you of a fire, you are still relying on your ability to hear the detector early enough to coherently get out of the house.

A fire can become deadly in a matter of seconds due
to the poisonous gases from burning material. Time is of the essence. Monitored smoke and heat detectors will not only alert you of the fire but will alert our Central Monitoring Station at the same time. Now you and your family can Get OUT of the house while we at Post Alarm are dispatching the fire department.

Monitored fire protection can also give you added peace of mind while you are away from your home as you will no longer have to rely on neighbors to smell or see smoke before calling the fire department. Post Alarm will dispatch the fire department as soon as smoke is detected in the home.

We have had many clients whose homes and lives have been saved because the fire was detected early enough due to a combination of both:
Smoke Detectors
A smoke detector warns of fire when it senses the products of
combustion in the atmosphere. As anyone who has a smoke detector too close to the kitchen knows, a smoke detector goes off very quickly, even with small amounts of smoke.

Heat Detectors
Heat detectors warn of fire when the temperature in the area around the heat detector reaches a certain level. Heat detectors do not notice smoke. Heat detectors add valuable protection in areas such as your kitchen, garage, attic, and water heater
closet where smoke detectors are not recommended.

At Post Alarm Systems our security/fire specialists will design a system that not only helps to protect against injury or damage to property but most importantly will bring you added peace of mind. Plus, the addition of monitored fire protection, will in most cases,
earn you an added discount on your homeowners insurance premium.