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Thinking of using VoIP phone service, or maybe using cell phones exclusively? Maybe you’re looking to secure a building that does not even have a phone line at all. All of these options are no problem with Post Alarm's state of the art technology.

Our systems do not require a phone line or any other wired communication channel to transmit signals between the customer's control panel and the Post Alarm Central Monitoring Center.

Even if a phone line is cut during a break-in, signals will be sent our
Monitoring Center for alarm verification and if necessary, police or fire department dispatch. This also provides our customers complete flexibility on what type of phone service they use without compromising their security system.

If you are going to pay for a security system, you should require one that is designed to work when you need it most. Unlike prior generations of security systems, our systems ...

  • Functions if the phone line is cut
  • Functions if the power is out
  • Compatible with VOIP phone systems
  • Offers online system management
  • Always on sensor activity monitoring through Total Connect
  • We install only top of the line, professional grade equipment


Post Alarm is proud to be one of the exclusive dealers for an outstanding product called Videofied. Videofied requires no phone and no power to communicate with our Central Monitoring Center.
Videofied is a product that uses motion detectors to send a 10 second video clip to our Central Monitoring Center. It is compatible with almost all existing alarm systems or can be used as the primary alarm system itself.

When the alarm is armed and the motion detector triggers, Videofied takes a video clip of the event and immediately sends the picture to our Central Monitoring Center. This not only allows our monitoring center operators to see what it was that set the alarm off (i.e. dog, balloon or actual burglar) but it verifies the alarm so that the police will respond immediately. It is completely wireless, requires no phone or power lines, can lead to actual burglar capture and can cut down on false alarms.
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