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As technology brings the world closer together, the need to feel connected is a reality today. For the ultimate peace of mind, more of today’s families are relying on Total Connect, the state-of-the-art communications solution offered from Post Alarm by Honeywell.

Whether you’re at home, across the street or across the country, Total Connect lets you utilize the Internet, Tablets, cell phones and other web-enabled devices to control your security system, receive information remotely and much more. And our Video Services
option allows you to keep a close eye on your home and family from any remote location with Internet access.

Total Connect actually simplifies and streamlines the way you interact with your home on a day-to-day basis, helping you and your family stay connected by intelligently utilizing everything today’s technology has to offer.


  • Control your security system via a virtual keypad using any web browser on a PC, or via SMS on a Tablet or cell phone

  • Receive important alerts through any text messaging device, including cell phones and Tablets (e.g. receive an e-mail when your child has arrived home safely from school)

  • Be notified of activity in various areas of your home (e.g. when doors have been opened or closed, when the security system has been armed or disarmed, when a safe or liquor cabinet has been opened even is the system is not armed)

  • Utilize optional video services to receive images of specific activity occuring around the interior or exterior of your home on your Tablet—even your cell phone! (e.g. if the housekeeper leaves)

We now manufacture our own alarm screens to read more about that click here!



Protected...and Connected
"Life can be so hectic! Between both of us working and having teenagers with busy schedules, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. Total Connect services have been a lifesaver. Now I know exactly when my children get home from school because I
receive e-mail alerts. When the kids are home alone, we can make sure they’re okay by receiving video notification if someone is at the door and a text message when the door is open. We can even be notified if the liquor cabinet
was opened. Total Connect helps us feel close to our family and home even when we can’t physically be there. We can’t imagine life without it!

The Picture Perfect Vacation Home
"Last year we purchased a vacation home. It’s a great investment, and we plan to spend a lot more time there when we retire in a few years. In the meantime, Total Connect has provided us with an easy way to keep tabs on our property when we can’t be there in person. We also have someone who checks up on the place once a week and can see exactly when he was there by checking the event history on the virtual keypad. Since the vacation home is in a warm climate, we’re aware of the risks for flood and temperature detection, and can receive immediate alerts if there is ever a cause for concern—letting us take action to help prevent damage. Total Connect has given us tremendous peace of mind by letting us check up on our “home away from home” whenever we want, wherever we are!"