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Wouldn't it be nice to see who is at your door from the comforts of your couch? Or how about simply logging in while you are on vacation to keep an eye on things in and around the house, the toddler’s room, the backyard and even the pool? Now you can with a residential camera system by Post Alarm.

Cameras have long been used in commercial settings to protect businesses of all sizes; recently, the home market has taken part in the closed circuit television offerings.

With more and more working parents we find a large number of children go home to an empty house. When they are home alone, they can now see who is at the door before they open it. Residential cameras can also be put inside the home to monitor the nanny watching over the children.

The systems can range from one camera to multiple cameras; you can view from one monitor or view remotely over the Internet. You can also have a digital recorder to review a prior incident. Turn on the TV in the bedroom and view the children's rooms as they sleep, check on the new baby, or the two-year-old in the new big-kid bed from the confines of the master suite.

Now, that is technology keeping up with today's busy family!