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Post Alarm is proud to be one of the exclusive dealers for an outstanding product called Videofied. Videofied requires no phone and no power lines to communicate with our Central Monitoring Center and can drastically reduce false alarms.

Videofied is a product that uses motion detectors to send a 10 second video clip to our Central Monitoring Center. The Videofied motion detectors only work while the alarm is set to the away mode and it does not allow our central monitoring station operators to
look in at your premises…thus adding to privacy and ultimate security. It is compatible with almost all existing alarm systems or can be used as the primary alarm system itself.

When the alarm is armed and the motion detector triggers, Videofied takes a video clip of the event and immediately sends the picture to our Central Monitoring Center as well as an email/text message of the clip to you. This not only allows our monitoring center operators to see what it was that set the alarm off (i.e. dog, balloon or actual burglar) but it verifies the alarm so that the police will respond immediately.

Most police departments will take 8 hours to respond on non-verified burglary activations but will respond immediately on verified burglary activations. In fact, we are able to dispatch the police so quickly that the Videofied product has, in many situations, allowed for the capture of the burglar while they are still on the scene. It is completely wireless, requires no phone or power lines, can be added to most existing security systems, can lead to actual burglar capture and can cut down on false alarms.