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Dear Anthony Franco,
We wanted you to know how pleased we are with the new system Post Alarm recently installed. Your installation technicians Sid and Sammy installed the system with the wiring virtually undetectable. They presented themselves in a very professional manner which was appreciated and noticed. Again "Thank You Anthony" for designing a system with premium parts that will last our family for a long time.
Eugene H

Dear Gina Post, My husband and I would like to express our gratitude to Trent Dyer, Sammy Bedoyan & Isidro Albarran. They executed the upgrade and installation of our Post Alarm System successfully. During the process, the Post team arrived at several road blocks due to issues they had identified with our older Post system (i.e. old alarm wires which had been chewed by rats, inactive transmitters due to previous construction projects, etc). They tackled each issue accordingly and professionally while at the same time discussing their next steps with us clearly. We noticed their motivation to get our alarm system up and running for us as soon as possible. Trent, Sammy & Isidro are knowledgeable, hardworking, and affable individuals. We truly enjoyed getting to know more about the alarm system through them during the installation process. If we are in need of any additions to our alarm system, we will be sure to request for these three. It is our sincere hope that you recognize Trent, Sammy, & Isidro as valuable assets to your team.
AS - Los Angeles California

Thanks to Rob at Post Alarm for overseeing the installation of our new home alarm system. The system works like a charm and is very easy to set / disarm. With the Total Connect system, we can easily check on our home and arm / disarm the system when we are away using the iPhone. When we've accidentally set off the alarm a couple of times, the central station calls within SECONDS to respond. I highly recommend Post Alarm to any home owner considering an alarm system. The people, service and products are second to none!
Brian P Ignite RMR - Covina California

Hello Bruce,
I want to thank you for meeting with me on Friday. In taking the time to explain the products, the design of the proposed alarm system and providing a tour of the Post offices. I was truly impressed with the operations of Post Alarm Systems. The level of professionalism is evident throughout the Post operations. I did research the Honeywell and GE systems, I like the Honeywell product best. But above all, the high level of commitment to customer service demonstrated by all, is what makes Post stand out from the competition. This speaks volumes as to why Post is a successful locally owned and operated organization. Well done! Congratulations, you have earned our business.
Ilario I - Pasadena, California

I just wanted to thank you for selling us the medalertpendant product that my mother in-law uses. She wears it on her wrist and it really paid off today. Somewhere around 3:30am this morning she got up to go to the bathroom and tripped over a chair. She fell down and was out of reach for the telephone so she pressed the medalertpendant button. Very quickly dispatch picked up the call and asked her if she was okay, or should they call an ambulance for her. She said she was fine but please call my daughter and son in-law and have them come over here right away to pick me up. We live next door so we were over there in a minute. As she lives alone, had she not had the medalertpendant she would have laid on the floor for the rest of the night. Had she broke her hip, it could have been fatal by morning as she is 91 years old. Thanks again for selling us this life saving device. Everyone elderly perhaps who live alone should have one. The great thing about it is it is so in-expensive, especially compared to the peace of mind it give the person and their family.
Rand S - Irvine, California

Dear Anthony,
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Post Alarm Systems for taking such good care of my family. We were previous customers with another very large national company and had a terrible experience with the company and really felt forced to change companies. Although we had to break our contract with the previous company and lose some money, we couldn't be happier with our decision to change to Post. Beginning with Bob Jennison, our experience was A+. Anthony, you were also very enjoyable to work with and I appreciate all the time you took to make sure we had the system we wanted and felt the most safe with. Skip was extremely professional and diligent in his work. I come from a family with a family business and it is clear that Post is one big family and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with you. My mom gave us a fabulous referral with Post and we wanted to thank you for living up to how fabulous she said you were.
Thank you very much.
Best Regards,
Carolyn S - Santa Ana, California

Very positive experience, beginning to end, and from all parts of Post.
Sales/Consultation First off, thanks to Javier A. of Post Patrol for giving me Bruce Fairbairn's card. Bruce is a true professional, gracious, a pleasure to work with, and was there for me in the process, from beginning to end. I was skeptical at first, as I would be with anyone selling me something where the price is not negligible. But Bruce was straightforward, and went over every item with me. There was no pushing, and in fact there was one item which he didn't really think I needed, and I likely don't, but he could see I was firm about having it. My own paranoia. There was another item which he at first didn't think I needed but realized it was a good idea, told me the reasons, and he was absolutely right. Initially, I didn't want to be called, and Bruce respected my wishes. He was also respectful of my flooring and removed his shoes each time, prior to entering my house. He met with me again in person, to go over some pre-installation details. On the day of install, Bruce arrived early so that he could be there when the installers arrived, since I hadn't met them. I am very appreciative of that. He went over everything with the installers, and then came back as soon as installation was completed, to go over the alarm operation with me. True to his word, he stayed until I understood how to operate the system. I had a couple of questions after that, and Bruce called me back right away.

Installation Hector and Sal came to do the installation. They are the best. They combine experience with professionalism with very good manners, and got the job done efficiently and right. People doing work on my house is not a comfortable thing for me. But when Hector and Sal arrived, I knew I was in good hands. I had purchased shoe covers for them to use, but they told me they also had some in their truck. Now that's a good thing. They brought a drop cloth which they put all of their equipment on top of, using a small area of my floor. They have experience on their side, they are technically skilled, and did great work on the installation, including testing and programming. They also saved all the instruction manuals and put them in a nice plastic sleeve. And, at my request, they also saved one each of the boxes for the parts. Sal even helped me with a couple of small patches in the wall, which was totally unrelated to the alarm. On top of it all, they are foodies!

Also, prior to the installation, I received a call from Post to confirm date and time of installation. Now that's a first. Usually I'm the one calling to make sure someone shows up.
Patrol I already have previous experience with Post Patrol, as my neighborhood pays for the service. I've had a few occasions to call, and each time, they were very responsive and helpful. It's a comfort to see the Post Patrol vehicles.
Alarm monitoring I've tripped the alarm accidentally a couple of times. Post calls right away and asks the right questions. The people I've spoken with have been great.
I highly recommend Post Alarm Systems.
Katherine W - Los Angeles, California

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