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Upgrading and adding modern video surveillance technology can be quite costly for businesses wanting the latest security solutions. Thankfully, as technology advances, the costs are decreasing, making it more available to businesses of all sizes as prices for servers and hardware decrease.

Today companies can install and operate IP video surveillance systems at a lower cost with enhanced efficiency. Here are four ways to reduce the costs of video surveillance for your business.

High-Performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) uses many processors connected over a network for better performance than one processor. Businesses can take advantage of HPC to get more computational resources for their technology needs by purchasing off the shelf commercial or commodity hardware.

To illustrate HPC, an agency could buy GPUs (graphics processing units) off the shelf to add video graphics to its servers so they can perform more complex tasks. Years ago, these tasks would have needed multiple sophisticated servers.

Video Surveillance Systems and HPC

As HPC becomes more available, companies can update or increase the capacity of their security camera systems using their current hardware and budgets. With the right video management system, you can combine and optimize your current computing resources to operate high performing video surveillance systems for a lower price. Here are four specific technologies you can use to apply HPC for surveillance systems.

Grid Computing

Grid computing is rising in popularity as the principal architecture for wide-area distributed computing, based on the sharing of geographically distributed resources. It leverages a role-based architecture allowing the coordinated sharing and wide-spread access to hardware, information, and software resources.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Businesses can reduce the number of recording servers on-site by dividing a server into several virtual servers using specific software through virtualization. Virtualization and cloud computing are different technologies but share many benefits. They both let businesses reduce their total expenses and investment while optimizing the computing resources they already have.

Cloud computing can offer a consumption model that goes beyond server consolidation to allow companies to lease the software and hardware they need to deploy technologies versus owning it.

GPU-Accelerated Decoding

GPU-accelerated computing utilizes the GPU embedded in servers and workstations with the central processing unit or CPU to make applications that are processing-intensive faster. These applications run quicker by offloading compute-intensive sections to the GPU.

These are just a few examples of how HPC can reduce the costs of deploying video surveillance systems. Contact Post Alarm Systems for information on the advanced security technology solutions we have to take your business to the next level.

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