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The return to school messes up your lazy summer routine and the scramble to get the kids to school in the morning means we forget the simplest things. Luckily, smart home security helps keep you organized or at least gives your alerts for the important things that need your attention.

Home Security Reminders

When the kids are used to sleeping in, it’s hard to get them up in the morning. Then it’s a mad dash to get them out the door and yourself to work on time. So, it’s easy to forget to lock the door or set the alarm in the rush.

Set up alerts to remind you to close the door or set the alarm, and you’ll receive a notification. There’s no need to rush back home because the alert includes a button that controls all of your smart locks, security system, and garage door. Simply press the button, and your security system makes sure the house is secure.

Open Window and Door Alerts

When you place contact sensors on your doors and windows, the system alerts when it senses one left open for an extended amount of time. The alarm system will notify you but, in the meantime, it sets the thermostat back to save energy until someone secures the door or window. Once someone corrects the problem, the systems resets to its normal temperature. Smart home security systems help manage your energy bill with their efficiency.

Smart Clips from Your Video Cameras

Want to know what the kids are doing when they’re home alone after school? You can set triggers that activate your smart security cameras to record. One trigger could be the front door opening. Every time the door opens, you receive an alert and a smart clip of who entered or exited your house. You can manage these alerts so that you only receive the ones you want to monitor. That way you won’t be interrupted all day with alerts you don’t want to receive.

These are just a few ways that smart security alerts can make your life easier. If you don’t have an intelligent alarm system yet, you’re missing out on a tool that helps you run your house efficiently.

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