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Smart Locks

How Smart Locks & Smart Security Go Hand in Hand

By Gina Post-Franco | August 25, 2020

You may have noticed that many of your home security devices are focused on protecting the area around the front door, starting with the doorbell camera and continuing with the first indoor motion sensors that detect whether there has been a break-in. But what about the door itself? That’s where smart locks come in.

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Artificial Intelligence that Works

Artificial Intelligence that Works for Your Home

By Gina Post-Franco | August 11, 2020

Not so long ago, people had very different ideas about what “the future” meant. Now, we realize that the future is less about flying cars and more about automation and intelligence. It started with the home computer, continued with smartphones, and has advanced to a place where we now use artificial intelligence (AI) to make life easier. It’s nothing to be afraid of; when it works for your home and family, AI is your ally. 

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Video Doorbell

In These Times, the Doorbell Camera is Powerful

By Gina Post-Franco | August 8, 2020

If your doorway is seeing more visitors these days, that can be a sign that life is slowly getting back to normal. However, that also means it’s time to be aware of the home security gaps that can appear when people are at your front door often. 

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Save Energy

Save on Energy with a Smart Home System

By Gina Post-Franco | August 3, 2020

Does it seem like your household energy bills get higher in the summer? In 2020, many people will see theirs being even higher due to staying home more this year. To combat this, some serious cost cutting measures are in order. But if kids have been home doing distance learning or parents have been there working remotely, it can be hard to use less energy. Fortunately, one way you may be able to cut costs is with your home’s cooling system. How is this doable in the hot Southern California summer? It’s possible if you have a smart home system, equipped with an energy-saving smart thermostat. 

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Summer Safety Tips to Take Seriously

By Gina Post-Franco | July 21, 2020

Combine the high temperatures, more time at home and maybe a vacation, and you have a recipe for summer fun. However, these are also the same things that make summer a time of greater risks to your home and family. In a year that has already presented some unprecedented challenges, your family needs ways to enjoy a safer summer in 2020. Here are some tips to get started.

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Smart Home Apprehension is Real. Here’s How to Avoid It

By Gina Post-Franco | June 30, 2020

When it comes to smart home devices, some homeowners start off frustrated when it comes to using their smart home devices. But it doesn’t have to be that way; by using a smart home service provider like us, you can get the most value from your smart home technology. Here are some benefits we can offer you.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Neighborhood Safer

By Gina Post-Franco | June 23, 2020

For most homeowners, concerns about criminal activity don’t stop at the front door; they extend throughout the entire neighborhood. Maybe that’s why, according to a new home security poll, 55% of us watch each other’s homes when we travel. With that in mind, here are three ways to make your neighborhood a safer place for everyone.

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Safety technology for loved ones

Safety Technology for Aging Loved Ones

By Gina Post-Franco | June 23, 2020

Our parents and grandparents looked after our safety in our early years – and when they reach their golden years, it becomes our time to return the favor. Fortunately, there’s technology that makes it easier for us to continue watching over their safety when life gets busy. It’s the Wellness suite, a system that features products and services available to you right here at Post Alarm Systems.

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