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Free security and life safety tips rom your friends at Post Alarm Systems

Professional Security is better than DIY

Don’t Do DIY: 3 Reasons Professional Security Monitoring is Better

By Gina Post-Franco | August 27, 2018

Don’t do DIY alarm monitoring. Here’s why professional monitoring is better for your Southern California home security system.

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home automation and smart home features

Time to Make Life Simpler in SoCal

By Gina Post-Franco | August 1, 2018

The time to make life simpler is now. Ready to do it? These SoCal smart home integrators have the scoop.

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How Home Automation makes Vacations better

5 Ways a Smart Home Can Help You Relax on Vacation

By Gina Post-Franco | July 27, 2018

Own a vacation home? Keep it secure while you’re away with reliable, 24/7 smart home technology.

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How Home Security Helps in Electrical Safety

By Gina Post-Franco | May 30, 2018

As National Electrical Safety Month winds down, this is a good time to brush up on electrical safety knowledge. Here are some tips on preventing electrical hazards in the home. 

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Residential Wifi – The Managed Wifi Experience

By Gina Post-Franco | April 27, 2018

With the Internet being a defined necessity of residential properties, we now offer a solution to manage the health and security of our clients’ networks remotely while offering a perfect, secure WiFi experience at home.

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Moving in SoCal? Put Home Security on the Checklist

By Gina Post-Franco | April 22, 2018

If you’re among the millions of Americans preparing for a move this spring / summer, you may have a checklist to help stay organized. If so, don’t forget to add securing your new home to the checklist. Here are some reasons why installing home security is just as important as updating the carpet and paint.

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How Young Professionals Use Home Security Today

By Gina Post-Franco | April 15, 2018

There’s an interesting trend taking place among young professionals buying homes: turning to home security technology to complete their homeownership experience. It’s true: After the rescue dog is adopted and the furniture is purchased, home security technology is the next big priority for young homeowners.

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How Alarm Signals Are Handled During A Power Outage

By Gina Post-Franco | March 29, 2018

At home or away, we’ve got your home covered. Being in the security business for over half a century has done more than make Post Alarm one of the most reputable names in Southern California.  It has also given us distinct advantages over the competition.

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