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Smart Home Security for safer vacation homes

Smarter Security Systems for Safer Vacation Homes

By Gina Post-Franco | September 24, 2018

Coming back from your vacation home? Security for Southern California homes is available from Post Alarm Systems.

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Love your dog but get home security

Family Dogs vs. Security Systems

By Gina Post-Franco | September 17, 2018

We love our dogs, but our lives need security systems. Call Post Alarm systems for reliable Southern California home security.

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How Smart Home Technology is Changing Security Systems

By Gina Post-Franco | September 11, 2018

The fact is, an astonishing one-third of home burglaries are committed with no forced entry to the home whatsoever. How do these burglars do it? Often, it’s through an unlocked door or window.

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Smart Home Security saves lives

How Smart Home Security Saves Lives

By Gina Post-Franco | September 10, 2018

It’s more than an alarm; weather alerts save lives with smart home security. Southern California homeowners, Learn more here.

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Home Security + Home Automation for Young Homeowners

By Gina Post-Franco | September 5, 2018

By combining home automation and home security, young adults can turn their starter homes into smart homes right away.

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Power Outages = Alarm Activations: Fact vs. Fiction

By Gina Post-Franco | August 29, 2018

During the last storm, many of our clients experienced power outages which caused an increase in calls to our Technical Support and Central Station. Many of their questions were the same, so we thought we should do a better job communicating some important information to our valued clients should another power outage occur.

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Professional Security is better than DIY

Don’t Do DIY: 3 Reasons Professional Security Monitoring is Better

By Gina Post-Franco | August 27, 2018

Don’t do DIY alarm monitoring. Here’s why professional monitoring is better for your Southern California home security system.

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Smart Home is better than a regular one

Why Smart Security Beats “Regular” Security

By Gina Post-Franco | August 20, 2018

There’s a better way to do home security. Southern California homeowners, learn more from Post Alarm Systems.

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