Home Security

Home Security Help for Senior Citizens

With a growing number of baby boomers reaching senior citizen status, now is the perfect time to talk about the home security needs of our beloved parents and grandparents. Often, it’s the next generation that is tasked with making sure security and safety needs are met in the homes of elderly loved ones; that means choosing a home security system, as well as a medical alert system if needed.

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What’s On A Burglar’s Wish List?

Burglars aren’t the type to break into your house, watch some of your Netflix, and eat your snacks—they’re focused on getting in and out, fast, before someone notices. Since their primary concerns are speed and efficiency, the typical burglar will ignore your TV in favor of small and portable items—or worse, your identity.

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Why Home Security Should Be At The Top Of Your Moving Checklist

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There’s a small window in the month of May where the weather is not too cold and not too hot. No wonder May is now regarded as National Moving Month. One of the first items on that checklist should be taking care of home security. Here’s why it needs to be a high priority.

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How Smart Homeowners Can Use their Tax Refund

If your household is expecting a windfall from Uncle Sam this year at tax time, then a home improvement project may be on the horizon. After all, the average tax refund is over $3,000; for many homeowners, this makes April home improvement season.

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Pets and the Burglar Alarm: A Perfect Combination

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Burglar alarms are designed to help protect every member of your family, and that includes the four-legged members. That’s right, we’re talking about your pets; here are some ways you can integrate your burglar alarm and other home security tools with your beloved family dog.  

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What Is Home Control For Your Security System?

Maybe you’ve heard about the idea of incorporating home control into your security system and wondered whether you really needed to make the upgrade or not. Here are some home control benefits you may not be aware of.

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Low Tech vs. High Tech Ways To Deter Crime

As crime rates rise, you may feel like you are powerless to do anything. The following suggestions come from Post Alarm Systems. While there are no 100% guarantees, these simple precautions could prevent a crime from occurring at your house.

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Smart Security Cameras for Home Security Newbies

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For those who do have smart security cameras as part of the home security system, finding out what’s going on at home is as simple as taking out their phone, opening their home security app, and getting a prompt view of whatever the camera is recording.

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