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The Los Angeles region is no stranger to smash and grab robberies. On February 13, four men wearing black hoodies and bandanas committed a smash and grab robbery at a Costco in Pacoima. After breaking a glass jewelry case, the suspects grabbed pieces of jewelry inside and fled the store. And that’s just one recent incident; many more occur on a regular basis throughout the area.

Post Alarm Systems has been helping small businesses and storefronts with affordable commercial security systems since 1956. Here’s how our team of professionals can help.

Incorporate Glass Break Detection

Installing a security system an important first step, but the monitored alarm alone may not be grab robber. When a business has a glass window on its storefront or any glass cases inside, it makes sense to incorporate glass break detection. When glass break detectors are present, a siren will be triggered the moment glass is shattered by a criminal. The sound alone may deter him from going any further – and in the case of a large business like Costco, security can pursue the suspect immediately so he can be apprehended.

Make Cameras Monitored

If a business owner is concerned about smash and grab robbery, then security cameras should be part of the security plan – and by all means, those cameras should be monitored so that the owner can immediately view clips of video when notified about the robbery. Your motion detectors, glass break detectors and cameras can all work together with the monitoring center to keep you aware of what’s going on and help law enforcement identify the criminals.

Los Angeles businesses are being targeted for smash and grab robberies by thieves who are getting more brazen with each crime. Now is the time to consider upgrading your business security system to include glass break detection and monitored security cameras. For more information, contact Post Alarm Systems.

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