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The end of summer nears, and you’ve got a large party planned. While parties are fun, they’re also a lot of work. We have the perfect technology that streamlines the party process so you can sit back and relax with friends and family. Home automation lets you control the devices in your house from your smartphone no matter where you are.

Smart Home Automation Greets Early Party Guests

Inevitably, someone always arrives early for the party, and you’re not ready. You’re setting up the grill in the backyard and someone rings your doorbell. But this doorbell is a video doorbell. Just pick up your smartphone to verify it’s a party guest and open the door with the home security app on your phone. You can go right back to setting up for the party.

Smart Security Helps Watch the Kids

Kids are naturally curious and love exploring new places. Keep an eye on them with smartphone alerts and contact sensors.

Place contact sensors on areas that are off-limits such as the tool shed or home office. Every time someone opens the doors to those rooms; you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone. Now you know everywhere that the kids have been and where to find them when they go silent.

Automatic Lighting Brightens Your Event

When the sun goes down, brighten your yard with automatic lighting. With home automation, outside and indoor lights turn on by themselves after dark. You never have to lift a finger.

Your Smart Home Thermostat Keeps Everything Comfortable

Another smart home automation element is the auto-setback feature on your thermostat. When the system senses doors or windows open, it automatically sets to energy-saving mode. Once the doors and windows are closed, the system resets back to your preferred temperature setting.

Intelligent home automation relieves your stress and makes home activities convenient. You can even use it to turn the electronics on and off in your home or set the alarm for the night. It’s the perfect system to make your household run smoothly.

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