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Everyone loves dogs – except for burglars, of course. If a burglar feels he has a choice between targeting a home with a dog or targeting a home without a dog, he will typically pick the dog-free house. But does that mean dog owners have nothing to worry about when it comes to home security? Not exactly, when you consider questions like…

How consistently do they alert you to trouble?

Dogs have remarkable senses: sharp hearing, strong smell detection and a sensitivity to the presence of danger. Like an alarm system, a dog can alert you to an intruder on your property. But there’s a flip side; to a loyal family dog, everyone from the mailman to a stray cat is an intruder. How consistently does your dog sense the presence of real threats?   

All things considered, a smart home security system does a better job of consistently identifying intrusion – and, the system will alert our own UL Listed, 5-Diamond monitoring center so we can dispatch the authorities to your home right away.

How well do they keep burglars out?

If a burglar sees a home security camera mounted above the door or identifies a doorbell camera when he approaches, he will often move along. But if you don’t have this protection, he may still attempt a break-in. At that point, your smart home security system will sound an audible alarm and alert our monitoring center. Your lovable dog may bark at the intruder, but connecting to the monitoring center is definitely out of your pet’s purview.  

Are they tamper-resistant?

How could a burglar tamper with your dog? By giving him food, for one thing. An experienced burglar comes prepared. Unlike your dog, a home security system has built-in Crash and Smash technology that will alert our monitoring center if an intruder attempts to break the panel.

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