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It’s that time of year when we give our significant others more tokens of love than normal. But Valentine’s Day weekend can be for our homes, too – after all, don’t we love them too? If you’re thinking of giving your home a gift this February, smart home technology (also known as home control) might be the perfect fit. Here’s what it offers.

On-Demand Glimpses into Activity

When homeowners have to be away during the day, one of the most frustrating parts of that obligation is not knowing what’s going on at home. With home control, you can have a window to get a glimpse on demand or when you receive an alert. That window is your smartphone screen, which displays your home security video so you can see who’s at the door and what they’re doing there. The clips can also be stored, in case they are needed later to show law enforcement, share with your spouse or even post on social media.

Intuition that Gives You Control

Home control is about giving you control as a homeowner. That means control over when you receive alerts, based on what kind of events trigger them. It can do this by memorizing the behavior patterns of your household, so you only get video alerts at unfamiliar times of day (like when everyone is expected to be out of the home during work or school hours, for example).

This intuition enables your home control to only send alerts in situations that matter to you, rather than sending you an ambush of alerts that may not always be relevant. When your new technology is implemented, you can customize your alerts to make sure this happens.

Environmental Hazard Alerts

Sometimes, activity that isn’t intrusion-related can be just as urgent – especially if it’s an environmental hazard. Fortunately, home control is designed to help you manage that activity too. Fire threats are the first thing that come to mind, but we’re also talking about the threat of flooding in the home, the possibility of frozen pipes, and poisonous carbon monoxide in the air. Your home control will send an alert to your phone as soon as those things are present, so you can intercede appropriately.

All of these things help you give your home more love with home control. To speak with us about this technology, call Post Alarm Systems for more information.

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