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Gina Post-Franco

Co-Owner at Post Alarm Systems
Gina is the Co-Owner at Post Alarm Systems, a family-owned alarm company that has been serving Southern California since 1956.
Gina Post-Franco
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The holiday season is both fun and stressful for everyone and this is especially true for visiting guests and those hosting them. But a smart home security system can make your guests feel welcome and make you look like the perfect host.

Assign Your Guests a Unique Security User Code

With smart locks and a smart home security system, there’s no more need for house keys. You don’t have to worry about making extras so that guests can come and go as they please. Simply set a unique user code for each gift, assign an expiration date, and set up alerts.

Then your guests have the freedom to come and go, and you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone letting you know when your guests are gone or home. The code expires when they leave so that’s one less thing for you hto worry about.

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi is Easy to Access

Just about everyone has smartphones and tablets these days, so Wi-Fi is critical to save on data usage. Make a welcome basket for your guests that has an extra charger in case they forget one, earphones, and a note with the Wi-Fi password on it. It shows your guests you care and makes them feel welcome. Really, it’s the small things that make friends and family feel special.

Keep the Spare Room Comfortable for Guests

You’re probably not in your guest room enough to know if it’s too cold or hot. You can fix this problem by installing a remote temperature sensor in the spare room. The smart thermostat can set the heat in the house to a comfortable setting for everyone using the temperature sensors around the house. Smart sensors create the perfect environment for everyone in the home. You can even change the temperature from your smartphone so that the house is warm for guests if they arrive when you’re not home.

Smart home security makes your home efficient and welcomes your guests even when you can’t be home. It makes hosting out of town guests easy.

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