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It’s no secret that choosing a security system can be overwhelming. With so many options for integrations and add-ons, how do you know what the essential elements are? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. The essential elements, among others, of a security system are…

1. Sensors and Detectors

Sensors and detectors are used to detect the opening of doors, windows and other points around the home. When they detect motion or contact, they send an emergency signal to the central station so the alarm will activate and help will be on its way. In addition to making sure all your doors and windows are covered with sensors, some homeowners choose to go above and beyond by placing them on drawers, safes, sheds and other areas around the property they want to secure.

2. Central Station Monitoring

Hands down, professional monitoring is the benchmark of home security. If there’s a break-in or fire, a monitored security system sends an emergency signal to the central station; in our case, that’s our own 5-Diamond, UL listed central station staffed by our own highly trained security operators 24/7. No matter how many sensors you choose to incorporate into your system, there’s no substitute for the central station monitoring service. It’s imperative.

3. Dedicated Cellular Connection

The security system you grew up with was most likely hardwired into your home’s electrical system and relied on the landline telephone to power its communication functions. Of course, most families no longer own a landline; that’s why a current home security system is wireless, relying on a dedicated cellular connection to do what it needs to do. A dedicated cellular connection can’t be physically cut by a burglar’s hand tools, either – and, it has a battery backup so it will still work if there’s a power outage.

These are the three essential elements of a home security system. To learn more about the ins and outs of home security, Southern California homeowners can request a free home security consultation with Post Alarm Systems.

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