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Summer is a time for life-changing events: graduations, weddings, home buying. For many young adults, it’s a time when longtime plans finally come to fruition. If you or a young adult in your life are ready to buy a home for the first time, then you may be in need of some information on home security technology that keeps this new investment safe – and, smart home technology that helps to make life simpler. Think you can’t afford both?

There’s a good chance you actually can, thanks to home security systems that are equipped with smart home technology. These are systems that do double duty, providing both home security and home automation at the same time.

By combining home automation and home security, young adults can turn their starter homes into smart homes right away.

How Smart Home Technology Works with Your Security System

In one system that does it all, young homeowners can benefit from technology that:

  • Stays on top of possible home security risks. The system is equipped with devices like motion sensors, glass break detectors and intelligent security cameras that can be installed at entry points around the home: the front door, back door, and specific windows, for example. All of these devices can be integrated, which means they all work together and are monitored by Post Alarm’s very own Central Monitoring Station. When the system detects a possible threat, a mobile notification alerts the homeowner.  
  • Offers safer entry into the home. Coming home at night – whether it’s after work, school or a night out – is faster and safer for young homeowners if they have keyless smart locks on the door. These locks are connected to the security system and controllable via the home security mobile app. In fact, the homeowner can disarm the security system from the app as well before getting to the front door. Inside lights can be connected to the system as well, which enables young adults to make the entire home safe for entry before ever leaving the car. It’s pretty incredible!
  • Helps them control energy consumption, which leads to paying lower utility bills. When it comes to saving money, young homeowners need all the help they can get – and, many savvy young adults are concerned about energy use as well. This is a system that helps them with both, via a smart thermostat that can be adjusted remotely with their home security app.

By combining home automation and home security, young adults can turn their starter homes into smart homes right away. If you are a young homeowner interested in a system like this, contact Post Alarm Systems. We would be happy to offer you a free home security consultation.

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