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As a busy parent, often stuck at work, you worry about the safety of your children when they get home from school. Even if you have older, more responsible children, it’s natural to worry about their safety in a continually changing world. One of the best options for securing your home and family is a smart home security system.

Stop Wondering If The Kids Made It Home Safe

Home automation and smart home security help you monitor your kids once they are home. Choose a home security system with cameras that allows you to have eyes on any situation from your smartphone. One well- placed camera at the door shows you when the kids get home. You can also see whether they bring any unplanned visitors with them.

Add cameras with two-way voice commands, and not only can see your kids but you can talk with them as well. Now you have a way to remind them that it’s homework time and the television goes off for a while. Take security one step further with a video doorbell that allows you to answer the door and respond to the mail carrier or an unknown visitor. This extra step keeps your kids from opening the door to strangers.

Worrying About Lost Keys Is A Thing Of The Past

Many of today’s home security systems offer user codes to that your kids can lose. In the past, hiding a key outside the home was the solution. However, hiding keys under a flowerpot or rock is an open invitation to burglars. A smart home security system offers a new kind of solution.

Each member of your family can lock and unlock the door using an access code. They have easy access to your home when you assign a specific user code to each family member. Set up alerts on your smartphone to let you know when the kids enter their code. The system will let you know every time someone uses a specific code, so you know they made it home safely from school.

Security Reminders When You Forget to Set the Alarms

Life is busy, and as you rush out the door to work, you may forget to set the alarms. There is no need to worry when you have a smart home security system. The system will alert your smartphone that the house is not secured, and you can arm the system from wherever you are.

To make sure your home is safe this fall, contact a professional security integrator that will help you customize security options for your home. Your life will be so much easier, and you’ll feel secure with an intelligent protecting your family.

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