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If you are fortunate enough to own a vacation home, you know that even your “happy place” comes with a few worries – normally, worries that concern home security. Southern California vacation homeowners may spend a good amount of time at their mountain or beach house — but, what happens when people with malicious intentions take advantage of the fact that the house is empty so much of the year? There has to be an affordable way to protect your vacation home when you go back to “real life” at the end of the summer. Good news: There is!

Turning a Vacation Home into a Smart Home

The best way to know what’s going on at your home-away-from-home when you aren’t there is to equip it with smart home technology. Here are five reasons that turning a vacation home into a smart home is the best security move.

1. It puts eyes on it 24/7.

A second home needs a second pair of eyes, no question. The neighbors who live there year-round might be trustworthy, but they have their own priorities – and often, watching over your home is low on the list. Plus, they can only react to problems once they happen. You need technology that watches for intruder activity and can intervene right away.

2. It’s completely discreet.

Unlike a neighbor who peers through the windows and can be seen by an intruder, a smart home system relies on a network of discreet security sensors that are hidden throughout the property.

3. The sensors communicate instantly.

These sensors are designed to notice activity on the property when you aren’t there, and can alert both you and the central station to what is going on the moment any activity is detected. A security professional can assess the situation and dispatch local law enforcement to your vacation home.

4. You can check in anytime.

Sometimes, there’s no substitute for doing your own security check. The smart home security app on your phone allows you to do this; you can get on your app anytime to check on the status of doors, windows and the security system (plus the HVAC and other features you may choose to connect, such as lighting). If something is out of place (say, the security system isn’t armed when it should be), you can fix it from the app. And of course, you can watch the live video from your vacation home security cameras as well.

5. You can protect your investment.

Your vacation home is an investment, and it needs to be protected. In addition to providing security for this purpose, a smart home system can detect everything from deadly carbon monoxide in the home to the presence of flood conditions on the floor. This is an excellent way to keep your vacation home investment preserved.

To learn more about a smart home system for your vacation home, contact Post Alarm Systems today. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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