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Summer is officially here and it’s time for home solicitors to arrive in your neighborhood. You are the only one who can determine the best way to handle solicitors at your door. There is quite a debate out there on whether or not to open the door to sales people you don’t know. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

To Open, or Not to Open. That Is The Question!

If ignoring them is not an option and you do open the door (not recommended), here are some safety tips:

  1. Our suggestion (for safety reasons) would be that if you do not know the person, do not open the door.
  2. If you feel you need to acknowledge the person, speak through your locked door telling them that you are not interested.
  3. If you are alone in the home and feel uncomfortable, pretend to holler to someone else in the house, “I’ve Got It!”
  4. Putting a “no soliciting” sign on your door should help as well. Research indicates homemade signs work. Be specific, “no soliciting, no marketing, no petitioning, no peddling.”
  5. We highly recommend adding a doorbell/camera. The Ring products are great! Please keep in mind you must have a good WiFi signal for the Ring products to work.
  6. We suggest you never allow a stranger access to your home. You do not know them and do not really know their intentions. Instead, step outside or talk through the door.
  7. Check the I. D. of any trades people, sales representatives or other professionals.

One More Thing…

Here is your annual reminder that Post Alarm does not go door to door soliciting our clients to upgrade their systems. Anyone coming to your door unannounced and claiming an affiliation with Post Alarm is misrepresenting themselves. Additionally, if they claim your system does not have the advanced features they offer please contact us so we can talk about the available features of your current system and discuss options.

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