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The warm summer weather is here so we thought it would be a great time to review some warm weather security tips:

Keep Upstairs Windows Locked, Too

Keep in mind that even though your second story windows are high, you still need to be conscientious about keeping them locked. Think about the surroundings outside of the window before you leave it open. For example, is it above or adjacent to a tree, a low roofline fence? You can also install a window lock/jam that will allow the windows to be open a little, but not enough to reach in and unlock or crawl through. Alarm Screens are another great option to add to your security system which allows you to keep your system armed while keeping your windows open for ventilation.

Keep The Doors Locked Even When You’re Outside.

When you are outside doing yard work, be sure to have your doors locked. For example, if you are cutting the grass in the backyard and the front door is unlocked, someone could easily pop in and steal your wallet or purse.

Don’t Forget About Your Garage

If you keep your car in the garage always keep the car locked especially if you have a garage door opener that someone could take and use to break in later. Keep your garage overhead door closed while you are working in the backyard. Someone could easily walk in and take your bikes or other valuables and be gone before you know it. Lastly, keep your door into your house from the garage locked in the event that someone gains access to your garage.

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