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Back to school time is almost here, and that means many parents will start deciding whether certain young ones can stay home on their own after school. If the decision to let them stay home alone is affirmative, then here are some ways we can help make that window from 3 to 5 PM a safer time for the kids you love the most.

Giving You a Discreet Connection

Parents want to see what’s happening when they aren’t there, but kids don’t like to feel like they’re “being watched.” A security system powered by smart home technology helps you strike that necessary balance, with important options like:

  • Connected cameras that parents can check on anytime to be sure kids are coming home on time
  • Sensors that can be placed in off-limits areas, so parents receive an alert if a child gets too close to those areas
  • Security that sends an alert to parents if the alarm is triggered

By implementing smart home technology, you can have a discreet connection to what’s happening with your kiddos – all without infringing on the independence you want them to have.

Giving Them Keyless Entry

If there’s one thing kids are bound to do in their first few months of afterschool alone time, it’s lose the key to the house. A smart home system removes that worry for both of you, by providing keyless entry into the home with a numeric code the child can easily remember. Make sure he or she keeps the entry code private, of course – however, it can be changed if for some reason it is ever shared with others.

For parents giving their kids this first taste of independence, a smart home system can be a major relief. To learn more, contact Post Alarm Systems to request a complimentary smart home consultation.

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