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As National Electrical Safety Month winds down, this is a good time to brush up on electrical safety knowledge. Here are some tips on preventing electrical hazards in the home.

Preventing Electrocution 

Although we don’t hear about every case, hundreds of people per year are killed by electrocution in the United States. Some of them are workers in the construction trade, while others are electrocuted due to preventable household accidents – often, by coming into contact with an electrical wire or cord that is immersed in water. For this reason, electronics with cords should never be around bathtubs, sinks or hot tubs. Keep your music players wireless, or corded radios plugged in several feet away – better yet, out of the restroom altogether.

Preventing Electrical Surges 

Electrical safety isn’t just for the people who use electronics; it’s also for the electronics themselves. Electrical surges can happen when appliances are running while there is an unwanted increase in voltage (due to a windstorm, for example).

Surge protectors can help protect your appliances from damaging surges during a storm – but if lightning strikes directly, there are few surge protectors that are heavy-duty enough to handle it.

We may not get many lightning storms in Southern California, but they do strike occasionally in the summer. If it happens, the best course of action is to unplug appliances and other electronics.

Home Security and Electrical Safety

It’s no stretch to say that a quality home security system plays a crucial role in household electrical safety. If an electrical fire occurs, having monitored smoke detectors will notify both you and first responders right away. This can protect your household from injuries, property loss and even death.

As for accidents that cause electrical hazards, having home security cameras in rooms of special concern can also be incredibly useful. For instance: Using your home security app, you can always see what’s going on in your nursery or play room – and if you have a contact sensor placed near electrical outlets, you will receive an alert if a child gets too close. Outside cameras can also be helpful. For example, cameras on the swimming pool are great for general swimming safety, but they also help you watch for any corded electronics lingering near the pool.

For cameras and sensors that assist in your household electrical safety, contact Post Alarm. We are committed to supporting the safety and home security of Los Angeles homeowners.

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