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While the kids are out for the summer and have loads of free time, mass chaos ensues. The children may have many summer activities to do, but inevitably they’ll be home alone at times. Most parents can’t stay at home all summer long, so what can you do to keep the kids in check? Don’t worry; smart home security has your back when the kids are home alone for the summer.

Simple Secure Access

Before smart security systems and home automation, parents often worried whether their kids made it home safe from outings with their friends. Today, intelligent home security lets you assign each kid a unique pin so that they can access the house easily. Giving each family member a unique access code is much safer than hiding a key outside somewhere.

As a bonus, your security system can send alerts to your smartphone every time someone uses their pass code to enter or exit the house. You’ll always know when and what time your children get home.

Home Automation Helps You Save on Energy Bills

We know that kids often forget to close doors and windows, making you scared to open the electric bill next time you see it in the mail. Smart home automation helps you save on energy as well. The security system and smart thermostat work together to detect when a window or door is left open.

The thermostat automatically sets to energy savings mode until someone shuts the open door or window. The system even sends you an alert so that you can let the kids know to correct the problem.

You’ll Always Know What’s Going on at Home

As the kids get older, unapproved visitors become a concern. With intelligent video cameras, you’ll always know where the kids are at home and who they are with. The video cameras take smart clips when motion triggers the security system in specific areas.

For example, if the kids open the front door to let a friend in, it triggers a camera to take a smart clip of the activity. Program the system to send you smart clips immediately, and you’ll always know who’s there even when you’re not home.

These examples are just a few features of smart home automation and intelligent security. Together they streamline household activities, making it easy to manage your home.

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