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October is Crime Prevention Month and has one of America’s most popular holidays, Halloween. It’s the perfect month to introduce intelligent home security to your family for a memorable Halloween that’s much safer. Smart home security has your back whether you’re home handing out candy or trick or treating in the neighborhood with the kids.

Get Alerts for Routine Security Risks Around the House

Halloween is a prime time for criminal mischief, vandalism, and burglary. Picture Halloween night and you’re running behind for trick or treating in a near by neighborhood with a group of friends and family. In the process, you forgot to arm the alarm and close the garage door. You’ve just made your home a target for burglary.

However, a smart home security system sends you alerts when you forget to close doors, shut windows, or even set the alarm. All you need to do is tap the button in the notification, and the security system shuts the garage door and arms the alarm. Your house is secure, and you didn’t have to turn around and go back home to lock up.

Intelligent Security Summons Help in Emergencies

With security monitoring and smart home security, when someone breaks into your home, your security systems works proactively to keep your family safe. It automatically alerts a central alarm station where a security professional assesses the incident and sends local law enforcement if necessary. The system can also send an alert to your smartphone so that you’re aware of the security breach, whether you’re home in bed or out trick or treating.

Don’t worry about criminals disabling your system. With protection against destruction, the security system can still signal the monitoring center for help.

A Smart Home Security System Contributes to the Neighborhoods Overall Security

Some people worry that a smart home security system at one house makes their neighbors without security targets for criminal activity. However, a Rutgers University study showed that these systems act as a crime deterrent for your neighbors as well. The more security systems in your neighborhood, the safer the whole area is.

So, if you don’t have a smart home security system yet, contact a security integrator. They can help you choose the right security to prevent crime at home and around the neighborhood.

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