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In the dangerous wildfire season, we all want to do what we can to protect ourselves and our communities from fire danger. At Post Alarm, we do our part by encouraging homeowners to consider the ways that their homes and communities may be protected by smart home security. Southern California fire season is the perfect time to invest in a smart home system, because these are more than alarms and intrusion detection. Smart home systems can save lives in many ways, one of them being the weather alert feature that extracts real-time data from the National Weather Service.

A Smarter Safeguard from Wildfires

Weather alerts are not only useful for those “other” states that experience tornadoes, snowstorms and hurricanes. The National Weather Service also alerts people who may be in the path of wildfires, as we often are this time of year in Southern California. Smart home systems receive the weather alert data, then send a signal to security panels in homes that are in the path of the wildfire.

When those end-of-summer heat waves put us all at risk of power outages – rendering our televisions and computers useless for weather updates – a wireless smart home system is a smarter way to safeguard your family from the danger of wildfires. Hopefully, your neighbors will also protect their families with a smart home system as well – but if they don’t, you can be the resource that helps them stay updated.

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To learn more about how smart home security protects Southern California homeowners, contact Post Alarm Systems. We will be glad to answer your questions about these powerful systems during a free home security consultation.

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