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“No signs of forced entry” is an expression familiar to anyone who follows true crime on television. On TV, no forced entry is often an indicator that a home invasion was committed by “someone the victim knew.” That may be the case from time to time; however, it isn’t necessarily the norm. The fact is, an astonishing one-third of home burglaries are committed with no forced entry to the home whatsoever. How do these burglars do it? Often, it’s through an unlocked door or window.

How Does it Happen?

Let’s be honest: Locking windows is not always an easy task. Especially in older homes, window locks may be covered in dust, rust or painted shut. Sometimes, it’s tempting to just leave them alone and hope for the best. But motivated burglars don’t let those things stop them, and many of them carry tools to mitigate whatever obstacles a window comes with. As for doors, they may be easier to lock – and yet, some families consider their neighborhoods “too safe for anything to happen.” Those are famous last words, because the safest neighborhoods are often the softest targets.

Enter Smart Home Security Technology

A traditional home security system, comprised of an audible alarm and a few motion sensors, used to be the only defense against burglary and home invasion.

Now, there is smart home technology designed to support a family’s home security system – and for most families, it’s a far superior safeguard. An integrated smart home system combines connected hardware and automated security intelligence, and steps in anytime you forget to lock up the home.

Instant Awareness, Proactive Reminders

A smart home system makes it easy to quickly check your doors, windows and garage door without having to dash around the house before you leave in the morning. A quick glance at your home security mobile app will show you the status of every window that has a contact sensor on it, as well as every door with that has a smart lock installed.

Another way to circumvent forgetfulness is by creating reminders with your app. The Geo-Services feature it includes gives you the option to receive a mobile alert anytime you leave home with a door or window unlocked.

Locking Doors Remotely with Your Mobile App

And for any doors in the home with a smart lock, you can tap “lock” to lock them from the road as soon as you see the reminder. Even garage doors have this option, with a “close” button on the app as well. There’s also the option to create a “scene,” such as “lock up” or “leave home,” which activates all integrated locks at the same time when you trigger it.

To learn more about the smart home technology that’s changing home security for the better, contact Post Alarm Systems. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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