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If your household is expecting a windfall from Uncle Sam this year at tax time, then a home improvement project may be on the horizon. After all, the average tax refund is over $3,000; for many homeowners, this makes April home improvement season.

But before you commit to upgrading countertops, cabinets or carpet, we have a suggestion. Many of today’s smarter homeowners are using their tax refunds for an improvement that is used every day, adds value to the home, and makes running their households simpler. It’s smart home technology. Once a “house of the future” style dream, smart home technology is now an accessible reality for many Americans – and for those families, it’s a smarter way to spend the annual tax refund.

Controlled from Your Mobile Device

Using your tax refund to upgrade to smart home technology isn’t merely an investment in a security system – although if it was, even that would be worthwhile. But this takes it one step further, giving you a full home control solution you run from your own smartphone or another mobile device. This is a home improvement upgrade that can:

· Arm and disarm your security system from your driveway, office or bedside table

· Detect a break-in and alert our monitoring center, even if an intruder breaks the security panel or cuts the landline

· Incorporate security cameras around the property or a video doorbell camera

· Integrate smart locks, garage door openers, and even interior lighting for even better home security

· Incorporate smart thermostats for energy efficient temperature control in the home (for example, adjust the HVAC just before leaving work so that you come home to a cool house in hot weather)

We install and integrate everything so it works together seamlessly, with you at the control helm via your own mobile device.

What it Can Save You

“Sounds great – but do I really want to use my tax refund on this technology?” It’s a reasonable question, especially if you are also considering using it to fund cosmetic home improvements. That’s why we like to remind people that a smart home upgrade is something that saves them money, energy and time – and not just in the long run. The savings can start immediately, when you consider the following:

· Many home insurers offer premium discounts for professionally monitored security systems

· A smart thermostat you control from anywhere saves energy, which saves money on utility bills

· Time is saved when you take advantage of settings that adjust the thermostat and activate the locks/lights automatically, not to mention the minutes that are saved every day by controlling the security system with your phone

Saving money, energy and time – that’s three good reasons to consider using your tax refund on smart home technology. We believe that’s what makes it a smarter home improvement in 2018. To learn more, contact Post Alarm Systems.

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