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Package theft is common, especially during the holidays. It’s a crime of opportunity. Thieves look for packages on people’s doorsteps and front porches to take and either sell the merchandise or give the present you bought for your wife to their wife. It’s aggravating, and law enforcement isn’t going to have much evidence to even investigate the theft. It effects millions of people every year. But this year, you were smart and invested in a smart home security system with smart locks and a video doorbell.

Know the Moment Someone Delivers Your Package

It’s difficult to gauge exactly when a package will be delivered. But, with a video doorbell, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone the minute the delivery person delivers your package. All you need to do is tap the alert to open a live feed with the video doorbell. You can see them, but they can’t see you. You can tell them where to set the package so you can keep it safe or have a neighbor pick it up until you can get home.

Even better, if you have smart locks, tell the delivery person to set the package inside the front door. Use the security app on your phone to unlock the smart locks. Once you see them step back out onto the porch, secure the door again. It’s as simple as that. Now you don’t have to worry about porch thieves taking your wife’s Christmas present.

Burglars Beware-Somebody’s Always Watching

Smart security cameras don’t just allow you to investigate incidents after they happen, they’re proactive as well.  Just their existence deters criminals per a North Carolina University study on convicted burglars’ criminal strategies.

Sixty percent of the offenders said that if they saw the presence of an alarm (i.e. outdoor cameras, other surveillance equipment, alarms) they would pick another target.

Also, you can customize the alerts you want to receive from your smart home security system. For instance, you can set your video doorbell to take a smart clip when motion on the front porch triggers it. Then the system stores the clip for you to review any time you want. It’s easy to share with law enforcement if a crime occurs. A video clip gives them a lot more information to go on, increasing the likelihood that they can solve any crimes on your property. Also, you can share the clip on social media to let your neighbors know there is suspicious activity in the area.

With a smart home security system, you have control of your property and who accesses it. You won’t have to worry about package thieves ever again, and you have a proactive solution for securing your property.

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