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False alarms are more than an annoyance; they can become very expensive and a drain on police resources. In fact, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has information on its website that addresses how false alarms are handled. Fortunately, we offer a false alarm-fighting tool for businesses – specifically, a very effective one known as video verification.

How Video Verification Can Minimize False Alarms

Door and window sensors are essential components of a security system; however, false alarms are a periodic possibility when these are the only components.

To combat the risk, we recommend that businesses consider taking advantage of video surveillance with verification. In this service, the monitoring station sends real-time video to the customer so that an event captured on surveillance can be verified as a suspicious activity or emergency before police are called to the site.

The idea is to reduce the risk of false alarms at your Los Angeles area business, helping you avoid losing revenue to municipal fines and helping police to protect their valuable resources as well.

How Video Verification Works

Video verification incorporates intuitive alerts that receive signals from your security system, as well as video clips so that you can verify the nature of the event. When we contact you, you will have the opportunity to verify the event to us directly – and if you indicate that what was recorded was indeed suspicious, the police can then be notified.

The goal of video verification is not only false alarm reduction; more specifically, the goal is false police dispatch reduction. When false dispatches are curtailed, police departments can serve our communities more effectively. For more information, false alarm reduction at your Los Angeles business with video verification, contact Post Alarm Systems for a free security analysis.

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