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There’s an interesting trend taking place among young professionals buying homes: turning to home security technology to complete their homeownership experience. It’s true: After the rescue dog is adopted and the furniture is purchased, home security technology is the next big priority for young homeowners. Why? Most likely, it’s because today’s home security is nothing like the security systems they grew up with. On the contrary, it is now smart home technology that integrates with home security to streamline household management tasks across the board.

For example, modern home security technology addresses the following concerns:

Threats of Criminal Activity 

Educated young professionals are proactive, and that extends to home security. Because they know just about anything can happen in life, they want smart home technology that detects and responds to a wide range of threats.

With a home security system that is accessed in seconds from a smartphone app, the arming and disarming tasks they grew up with – dashing through the door to reach the beeping alarm panel before an alarm is sounded – stays in the past where it belongs.

Likewise, 24/7 professional security system monitoring is standing by to provide assistance if an alarm is triggered. This is not their parents’ home security system.

Energy Waste, Costly Utility Bills

New homeowners tend to be concerned about utility bills, whether or not they invest in home security – and in Los Angeles, extreme heat in the summer can probably exacerbate those concerns. Unlike the home alarms these young adults grew up with, a security system with an integrated smart thermostat can address these worries. This is a thermostat that reads the security system’s arming status to know when to conserve energy vs. when to “kick on” and make things comfortable. It’s easily managed by the homeowner via the same smartphone app that they use to control the security aspect of the system, making it an empowering way for young professionals to save on utility bills.

Security of Overnight Guests

Young professionals are often happy to host out-of-town friends, and they also make up the bulk of the short-term rental market via websites like Airbnb and VRBO. These homeowners may be interested to know that security systems can now include smart locks to help them make everyone’s arrivals and departures go smoothly. With unique temporary codes they can assign to each guest and the ability to receive a mobile alert when any of the codes are used, they can save time and stay on top of security when people are visiting. Plus, all guest codes can be deactivated as soon as the friend or rental guest leaves.

These are some of the most important ways young professionals are using home security. To discuss how you can leverage the same benefits for yourself, contact Post Alarm Systems.

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