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Home renovations can increase the stress in your life as you juggle work, family, and the never-ending stream of contractors that you need to let into the house. Worry no more, because smart security has the solution for letting contractors in and helping you keep an eye on the project.

Smart Locks Provide Easy Access for Project Contractors

Planning to be on the job site every day just isn’t feasible for many. Leaving a spare key is never a good option either for security reasons. Smart door locks are the perfect solution. Connect them to your security system, and you can open the door with your smartphone. Just have the contractor push your video doorbell so that you can verify who it is and then unlock the door from wherever you are.

The system can also create a different four-digit code for each contractor that needs access repeatedly. The code can be set so that it only unlocks the door during a certain time frame. You can delete it or set it to auto-expire.

Secure Your Home at Night with One Touch

Don’t leave the jobsite unattended at night. Criminals love work sites because they can steal materials and expensive tools. A smart security system coupled with 24/7 monitoring guards your property for you. Smart video cameras can detect whether something moving in your yard is an animal or person and automatically turn on the outside lights when it senses movement.

Arming and disarming your alarm is simple. Create a scene command for locking up and setting the alarm at night. It only takes one touch to secure your home, and you can rest easy knowing all is well on the construction site.

Video and Alerts Keep You Informed

Set alerts on the security system that lets you know that the plumber came late or didn’t show up at all. Did the electrician really stay for five hours? Check the outside cameras live video feed to see when a contractor left. Use the video and two-way voice communication to relay vital information. A complete activity history is available on your system dashboard.

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