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The video doorbell has quickly become one of the nation’s favorite smart home security products. It’s a proactive security solution that functions as a two-way communication device, doorbell, and video camera in one sleek package. Here are some intelligent things your smart video doorbell can do.

It Allows You to Answer Your Door No Matter Where You Are

The video doorbell chimes like a traditional doorbell, but it also sends an alert to your smartphone. Simply tap the alert to answer the door and you’re connected to the visitor through a live video feed. You can see them, but they can’t see you. So, they have no idea that you’re sitting at your desk at the office or upstairs in bed.

Catch Suspicious Activity in Real Time

The smart doorbell has a complete security camera, just like the rest of the ones around your property. Any motion on the front porch triggers the camera to send you a smart video clip in an alert. The system stores the clips in your dashboard so you can review them at any time. You can even  install the doorbell so that you can monitor the driveway as well.

It acts as the guard dog for your property, monitoring for suspicious activity, and notifying you when something occurs. The video doorbell can even turn the porch light on to chase trespassers off and take a clip once the light is on for a better photo. If you need to call law enforcement, you have a clear picture of the suspicious activity to give them.

Secure Packages Delivered When You’re Not Home

Stolen packages are a common problem, especially around the holidays. When the delivery person rings the video doorbell, simply tell them to place the package inside the front door once you unlock the smart lock from the app on your phone. Then, once the driver steps back onto the porch, you can lock the house again. Now that’s simple, powerful security, and you barely lifted a finger.

Want to know more about what a smart home security system can do for you and your family? Contact your security integrator for more information.

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