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If you own a business that services people shopping, dining or spending romantic time together on Valentine’s Day, it can be easy to caught up in the busywork of the day. Yes, there’s a lot to be done – but there’s also a lot at stake, so it’s important to amp up your security practices. Consider these tips.


A high quality commercial security system was made for busy nights at the restaurant or days at the store, including high traffic holidays like Valentine’s Day. Don’t underestimate the security risks that are present on days like this, and make the most of the security tools you have at hand. If you have smartly invested in a video monitoring system that can be easily accessed from your smartphone, then you can discreetly check your app often to view live video from anywhere on the property. After all, business today is all about working smarter, not harder – and that’s what today’s upgraded video monitoring is designed to help you do.


Cutting employee hours may save you money – but if you miss something happening because there are only a handful of staff working on Valentine’s Day, then the loss just isn’t worth it. Consider scheduling all of your staff to work on Valentine’s Day to ensure all bases are covered. You can still rely on your video monitoring system, but having your employees taking care of the floor will free you up to watch the video and the patrons.


Not every business is popular on Valentine’s Day. If you tend to be slow on February 14, there’s no reason you can’t close early as long as you take the proper security protocols. First, check all of your access points to make sure your locks are securely in place and cameras are recording. Then, be sure to arm your system before you leave. And if you prefer not to give your closing employees the alarm code, take out your phone and use your virtual keypad to do it yourself – from your home, your car, or wherever you happen to be.

No matter your industry, your security system can be a vital part of doing business this Valentine’s Day. To learn more, contact Post Alarm Systems and request a free security consultation.


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