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The best alarm systems include a high tech fire alarm. Your home’s fire alarm system should not only make an audible sound if it detects smoke or heat but should also alert your home monitoring system to call the local fire department for assistance. Here’s a look at some hidden home fire hazards that may set your fire alarm off.

Faulty Electrical Wiring or Loose Outlets

Because electrical wires are out of sight behind walls, it can be difficult to identify a wiring problem before it’s too late. Loose outlets can also be a fire hazard. If you notice that an appliance plug slips easily out of an outlet, which might mean that the outlet’s blades have loosened. This can generate intense heat that leads to fires. You can prevent house fires by investing in a high-quality fire alarm system, replacing loose outlets, and installing arc-fault circuit interrupters.

Dirty Dryer or Lint Tray

You must empty your dryer’s lint tray after every load of clothes that you dry, otherwise, the lint can build up and become a fire hazard. You should also regularly clean the dryer cabinet to remove lint that may have fallen down near the dryer’s heating unit. If enough lint falls around the heating unit, a fire can easily start.

Old or Damaged Appliances

Vintage, old, or damaged appliances are also a huge fire hazard. Old or vintage appliances may have frayed or damaged wires that spark when the appliance is in use. They may also have been constructed according to more lax safety standards that we use today. Damaged appliances can burn, smolder, or spark, causing a dangerous house fire.

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