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There’s a small window in the month of May where the weather is not too cold and not too hot. No wonder May is now regarded as National Moving Month. If you have a move planned in the next month, now is a great time to make your checklist. One of the first items on that checklist should be taking care of home security. Here’s why it needs to be a high priority.

You’ll be in unfamiliar territory.

Yes, your new home is yours. But for most people, it doesn’t always feel like that at first; it can take months before a house feels like a home. That’s especially the case at bedtime, when things that go bump in the night can leave you uneasy – even frightened. And if it’s hard on you, it’s bound to be even harder on the kids.

But when your new home is secured by a monitored home security system with built-in, proactive intelligence that springs into action when unexpected motion is detected, you can sleep peacefully from night one. It’s just better to have that assurance that any break-in attempt will be immediately detected.

You’ll be having visitors.

Well beyond move-in day, your new home will be flooded with visitors ranging from supportive friends and relatives to curious new neighbors. And if you’re like many people in their new homes, you’ll probably have a rotating door of contractors, delivery people and real estate professionals as well. Your monitored home security system with intelligent camera protection can keep track of it all, so no visitor goes unchecked. If anything looks amiss, view your video on demand from the convenience of your smartphone.

You’ll have new bills to pay.

Another item on your moving checklist will be making security deposits on all your utility services. After paying hundreds of dollars for those necessities, you’ll be ready to save some money on energy. A security system with smart home technology can help you do it. To start saving energy right away, you can adjust your smart thermostat when you’re not home using the same mobile app you use to control your system. It’s a great cost control strategy for homeowners.

To speak with an expert about moving and home security, Southern California residents should call Post Alarm Systems. We look forward to hearing from you.

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