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According to, the best time of the year to move falls between September and April. If you’re among the millions of Americans preparing for a move this spring / summer, you may have a checklist to help stay organized. If so, don’t forget to add securing your new home to the checklist. Here are some reasons why installing home security is just as important as updating the carpet and paint.

Unoccupied Homes are Targets

It’s likely that the safety of the neighborhood played a role in your homebuying decision. However, there are no guarantees that what you observed during the homebuying process is what you will experience 24 hours a day after your move-in. Keep in mind that vacant homes tend to be targets for vandals, and some of them may return to their “favorite” houses even after the home is occupied again. A home security system adds an extra layer of protection in those critical early months after your move-in.

New Surroundings = New Security Concerns

Until you become familiarized with your home, your “security senses” will be heightened, especially at night. Electronically securing the home with a security system during the move-in phase may be fastest way to put your mind at ease, because you can rest assured that the wireless contact sensors for your doors and windows will be triggered by the presence of an intruder instantly. Furthermore, the system can be armed right from your bedside table with the tap of your smartphone app.

Visitors Need Temporary Access

Visitors to your home need access, and you need that access to be securely managed. During the move-in, it may be contractors and helpers. As you get settled, it’s more likely to be friends and family. With a home security system you control from your smartphone, you can grant access easily from wherever you happen to be – inside, outside or even away from the home. No spare keys necessary. And if you choose to add a video doorbell to the system, you can verify who they are via live video on your phone before letting them in.

If you’re planning a move this spring, then securing the home should be near the top of your move-in checklist. To speak with a home security expert who can help, contact Post Alarm Systems.

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