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We’re in the peak of summer, and it’s time for fun parties and family cookouts. Unfortunately, burglars also like summertime because homeowners are frequently gone on vacation. Statistics illustrate that crime rates spike during summer. However, your smart home security system has your back. It can help keep your home and family secure this summer.

1.     Smart Home Security Cameras

Security cameras reveal what’s going on outside. They can even differentiate between people, animals, and vehicles and show if they’re on your property or not. Customize the video alerts for your smartphone, and you only receive alerts for the activity that you want to check.

Outside security cameras also show would-be burglars that someone watches your home all day and night. The cameras will likely deter criminals.

2.     A Doorbell Camera Protects Your Porch

Theft of packages on porches happens more frequently than you probably realize. When the doorbell detects motion, it sends alerts to your smartphone wherever you are. You can even speak with visitors by two-way voice and live video streaming.

If you’re expecting someone, you can verify who it is and then open the door remotely if you add smart locks to your system. You can also talk to delivery people through your doorbell camera and tell them a safe place to put your package until you can retrieve it.

3.     Intelligent Garage Door Opener

Road trips, bicycle rides, and outdoor projects give you plenty to do in warm weather. With this activity, your garage door will remain open a lot. Install a smart controller for your garage door, and you’ll never have to worry when you forget to shut it.

If you leave home and forget to close your garage door, your security system sends an alert to your smartphone. You don’t have to turn around and go back home, simply close the door with the touch of a button on your phone. Then your tools and bikes will be secure, and no one has access to your home through the garage.

Outdoor smart home security essentials make your life easier, and so much more convenient. If you haven’t upgraded your security system, contact your security integrator today.

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