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Fiction: Power outages do not cause alarm activations!

When the power goes out, your back up battery begins to supply the power to the system. Your system will also notify you at the keypad and your mobile app for Total Connect or that there is a Trouble Condition. A Trouble Condition
is just a warning. Our Central Station will receive the Trouble Condition signal and notify you of the loss of AC Power.

How long does the backup battery last?

The battery life is different for each system. On average the battery lasts six to eight hours. The backup battery should be replaced every five to seven years. The alarm system will still work when the power goes out for the life of the backup battery.

Clients who have systems that communicate to our Central Station with internet only will need to make sure they have a UPS backup battery for their internet so that the alarm system will continue to communicate to our Central Station.
A UPS (if not already in place) can be added by you or by your internet service provider. Systems that communicate via phone and/or radio do not need a UPS power backup for power outages.

Why is my system beeping and how do I make it stop?

During a power outage, some systems begin to beep when the AC Power is turned off or turned back on. If your system is beeping, it needs to be “Acknowledged” through the keypad. This may need to happen both when the power goes off and comes back on. Acknowledging the system is easy and can be done by you. The instructions for Acknowledging the System are in your user manual under Trouble Conditions. It will save you time if you are able to Acknowledge the System
yourself as opposed to having our technical support walk you through the process over the phone.

Our technical support receives many phone calls during power outages and although we try to help everyone quickly, you still may have a wait time. If you are not able to Acknowledge Your System we would be happy to walk you through the process over the phone. In-house technical support is available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm at 626-446-7159. If you need immediate
assistance on the weekends or after normal business hours, we have on-call technicians who can assist you.

Side note: it is a good idea to know where your user manual is located and have the “Trouble Conditions” section earmarked for easy access. User manuals can also be found online in pdf versions.

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