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Package theft is a year-round epidemic, but the holiday season is peak time for this crime. There are fewer crimes that can take place as quickly as the theft of a package off a front porch, and yet there are few things more frustrating than knowing something you paid for was stolen right from under you – almost literally.

Fortunately, your security system can help lower the risk of package theft happening to you – and, improve your chances of catching the thief if it does. Here are a few key ways it can do this.

1. Providing Video Awareness

Unfortunately, you can’t choose the time your packages will be delivered. The good news is this: As a security system owner with connected cameras, you can receive a video alert when the delivery person is at your door. In order to prevent package theft, you can call a neighbor to ask them to hold onto the delivery for you until you arrive home.

And, awareness works both ways: If your friend fails to come through on safeguarding your package, you’ll know the moment a thief tries something. Video alerts are how your system keeps you aware of everything going on at home when you aren’t able to be there.

2. Offering Smart Locks

When a homeowner chooses to implement smart locks as part of the security system, the ability to remotely unlock the front door means a delivery person could place the package inside the door (or again, your friend or neighbor could).

It’s easy to do this by unlocking the front door with the lock icon on the video call screen. Once you see them leave, you can lock the door again with another tap on your phone.

3. Furnishing Evidence

If the worst case scenario happens and package thief successfully strikes, your security system offers some recourse. The video alert you receive will be downloadable, which means it’s easy to share it with your local police department. You can even post the clip on social media to alert your neighbors and friends in the area. After all: If your neighbor’s package was stolen, wouldn’t you want him to warn you?

These are some of the ways your security system can help reduce your risk of becoming a victim of package theft. For more help with home security, Southern California homeowners can call Post Alarm Systems.

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