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Men, this is your time of year; whether you’re a dad being honored on Father’s Day or the proud father of a graduate, it’s your time to shine. With that in mind, isn’t this the perfect time to trick out your home’s man cave?

In past decades, a project like that was reserved only for the most elite homeowners – but fortunately, things have changed. Now, you can have a fully automated man cave that you control through a smartphone app, interconnected to a variety of smart devices throughout your home…and all it takes is a simple upgrade of your home security system. If you’re ready to do it, we can help. Here’s what you’ll get.

Smart Sensors: Security for Your Valuables

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to display valuables in your man cave – whether it’s the bottle of heirloom scotch, the case of signed baseballs, or the prized coin collection – you need those beloved possessions to be protected. A smart home upgrade to your security system can do this; when a sensor is placed on the areas you want protected, you’ll receive a smartphone alert anytime someone else goes near them. What happens next is up to you.

Smart Locks: Remote-Controlled Entry 

When friends and family drop by to see the dad or grad, what better way to impress them than with remote-controlled entry to the house? First, they’ll ring the bell – and with a doorbell camera, you can greet them through the speaker. Then, you’ll let them in by opening the smart lock without ever leaving your couch. They’ll be blown away, and you’ll enjoy a more convenient start to your party!

Your Mobile App: A Single Control Panel 

And, even better: That control panel is your smartphone. Once your guests reach the inner sanctum of the man cave, show off your system’s ability to create a customized “scene.” The scene can control the lights, locks, thermostat and even window shades with a single tap on your home security app. Let the “oohs” and “aahs” commence.

Automated Climate Control From Your Phone

In our hot Southern California summers, there’s nothing better than relaxing in an air-conditioned room for a fun gathering with friends. But energy bills can run high here, and everyone in the house seems to have a different idea of what the perfect temperature is. As the homeowner, you can make sure you’re the only one in control by programming your thermostat with your home security app. Your guests will stay cool, and you’ll save money.

To find out how to get smart home automation for your man cave and the rest of your home this summer, contact Post Alarm Systems. We will be glad to show you all the automation possibilities for man caves in Los Angeles.

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