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That’s a fair question; after all, can’t you see everything you need to in black and white? That depends. Although high quality black and white cameras can offer clear, easy-to-see images, there are still some scenarios in which having a color video may be helpful to your business surveillance efforts. Let’s look at a couple of examples.  


Whether or not they see cameras, most criminals try to get in and out of their victims’ businesses as quickly as they can. That gives you only a few minutes to see who broke into your business when you review the video – and sometimes, seeing that video in color can assist with making those minutes count. Despite what we see in the movies, not all burglars are dressed in black from head to toe. This is particularly true in low-income areas, where it’s not uncommon to see a young burglar dressed in the same colored hoodie and jeans he wore earlier in the day. In those cases, having color security cameras may help you, police or the public identify him more quickly.


In some retail environments, color video can be helpful when you need to see what was taken from your floor in a burglary. This especially applies to clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets, and other retailers where there are high counts of merchandise that look similar. Let’s look at this scenario: Two thieves break into a retail sporting goods store. One raids the cash register while the other pulls expensive athletic shoes off the shelves. With a color camera, you can more quickly identify which shoes he took, making your insurance claim a bit easier.

And when your business is the target of a burglary, anything that makes life easier is worth it.

So, should your security cameras be in color? Consider the type of business you have first, and ask yourself whether color video would be helpful for your application.


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