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In past generations, homeowners wished they could know what was happening at home when they weren’t there. Today, it’s easy to do with smart video cameras installed as part of a home security system. Just take out your phone, open your home security app, and you have an instant view of activity inside or outside your home – wherever the smart cameras happen to be installed.

Here are some other details for smart home beginners, specifically when it comes to the video camera functionality and the Post Alarm Systems difference. 

It’s not one-size-fits-all.  

Smart video cameras come in different shapes and sizes, which gives homeowners a range of choices so they can decide what model will work best for their home security needs. This could make choosing the right model a confusing task – but with the right home security company, you can make a choice that works for your home size, family size, and household budget. As a family-owned business for three generations, we’ve watched the changes in products over the years and know how to advise families looking to invest in home security cameras for the first time – including smart home cameras.

It’s accompanied by state-of-the-art monitoring service.

Smart home systems allow you to access a app on your smartphone, and that app is your portal to the numerous home security features in your system. One of them is a notification feature that you can customize to ensure you get alerts when specific events happen: people come home, someone is at the door, etc. But what if one of those events is a true emergency, and you miss the alert? That’s where critical monitoring service comes in.

At our own UL listed monitoring center right here in Southern California, our own employees monitor our customers’ systems and respond to alarm activations. This is very rare in the home security industry, though; it isn’t what you get at most home security companies. It is what you get at Post Alarm Systems.

It’s not just for security.

Smart home technology is outstanding for security, but it can do more than offer a layer of protection for your family. It can also help simplify the necessary processes in the aftermath of a disaster. For example: After a house fire, recorded home security video can be submitted to the insurance company as evidence of how the fire occurred. If it was started by the carelessness of a contractor or the actions of an arsonist, the homeowner will want the insurer to see that evidence. Real homeowners have benefited from this, and it has made putting the pieces back together easier to live with after a catastrophe.

To learn more about smart home systems for beginners to home security, contact Post Alarm Systems. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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