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Winter and the holiday season wreak havoc on your house and increase your stress exponentially. There’s cold weather to deal with, presents to buy, and family feasts to fix. Smart home security can’t fix your holiday meal, but it can help relieve other stresses during the holidays.

Busted Water Pipes

As temperatures drop below zero, houses are hit the hardest with ice, snow, and extremely cold weather. Busted water pipes happen often and can lead to devastating results. As water freezes in a plumbing pipe, it expands and eventually splits the pipe. Then the water thaws creating flooding that can cost you thousands of dollars in damages. What can a security system do to prevent broken water pipes?

You can put a temperature sensor in the basement that sends you an alert when the temperature drops below a set number. Add a water sensor, and you’ll receive alerts when the system detects a leak. You can also set it to trigger the shutoff valve on the water so you can minimize the damage immediately. Let the plumber in when you’re not home by unlocking the smart lock on the front door using the security app on your phone.

Keep Your Packages Safe from Thieves

Package thieves put in overtime during the holidays because they know that people order presents online and have them delivered to their home for convenience. With a smart home security system, smart locks, and a video doorbell, you never have to worry about the packages on your porch again.

When the delivery person presses the doorbell, you’ll get an alert on your phone. Tap the alert, and you’ll be connected to an open video feed with the person on your front porch. Just tell them where to put the package or unlock your front door using the app on your phone and have the delivery person set the package inside. When they step back out, secure the house again. Now you can turn your attention back to work and not worry about the safety of your package.

Christmas Vacation Away from Home

When it’s time to leave home to visit relatives for the holidays, it’s easy to overlook home security, but your smart home security system has your back. When you’ve already hit the road, you’ll receive a notification on your phone if you forgot to set the alarm or lock the front door. There’s no need to turn back. Simply correct the problem by using the button in the alert. Now your house is safe, and you don’t have to turn the car around to go back and set the alarm or worry that your house isn’t secure.

These are a few examples of how your home security system can help make winter and the holidays less stressful. If you don’t have an intelligent security system yet, contact a security integrator to see how you can get one today.

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