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Fall is in full swing, and that means it’s time to leave your vacation home empty for the next few months. When you come back from your vacation property – whether it’s in Big Bear, Havasu or the beach house – it’s comforting to know your summer neighbor is keeping an eye on things while you’re away. After all, you have to get back to the rhythm of “real life.”

But this year, you could give them a break – and give yourself a new level of peace of mind.

When it comes to protecting, securing, and keeping an eye on your home, new technology can rival even the most diligent summer neighbor. A security system powered by smart home technology watches your vacation home around the clock, safeguarding it while making it easy to check in anytime. Consider these realities:

It never takes its eyes off your house.

Neighbors are great at keeping an eye on things, but they have a life to get back to their post-summer routines as well. Like you, they earn paychecks, run errands, sleep and socialize.

But our smart security systems can provide round-the-clock awareness, with connected sensors and devices that generate instant smartphone alerts about important activity at your home, letting you know if suspicious activity is happening. Our 5-Diamond, UL Listed monitoring center will respond to the alarm right away and dispatch first responders to your home. It doesn’t matter whether you see an alert or not in order for you to be protected in an emergency.

It knows where the water main is.

Is your vacation home in the mountains? If so, it could easily be at risk of the pipes freezing while you’re away. If a pipe leaks or bursts, how quickly could you get to the water main and shut it off? Wait… do you even know where your water main is? If you don’t, then your summer neighbor certainly doesn’t.

Protection from water damage is another area where our smart security systems outpace human intervention. With a combination of water sensors and a smart shutoff valve fitted to your home’s water main, these systems are capable of detecting leaks and automatically shutting the water off to prevent damage from accumulating. With the clean-up costs of a water leak potentially running into tens of thousands of dollars, this is one proactive safeguard you definitely want for your vacation home.

You can check in anytime, no calls necessary.

With time differences and busy schedules, checking in with your neighbor can be inconvenient. You’re a considerate person who doesn’t want to bother them, and chances are they would prefer to not have the added responsibility. With smart technology from Post Alarm Systems, you can check in whenever you feel that itch. Just open the app on your smartphone, select a video camera feed, and take a peek. You can also quickly scan the status of your locks, smart thermostat, system arming status, lights and garage door. And if you prefer to keep check-ins to a minimum, it’s easy to set up alerts customized to your preferences.

To learn more about smart home security technology that protects your vacation home, keeps you updated on security events there and gives your summer neighbor a break from housesitting, call Post Alarm Systems today. We will be glad to show you more.

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