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When routines are upended for a whole three months, many parents find themselves scrambling to keep kids occupied without sacrificing their sanity. To some extent, your home security system may be able to help with that – that is, if it’s equipped for home automation. Here are some examples.

Help with Door-Locking

Whether kids have summer fun or summer jobs to fill their daytime hours, they tend to leave the house with “almost” everything they need – and then, run back in to grab what they forgot. Inevitably, they often forget to lock the front door or close the garage door when this happens. Home automation can help with this, by sending an alert to your phone so that you can remotely lock the door in question. If it’s a garage door, then you can both close and lock it at the same time. Now, the summer heat won’t pour in through an open door and your home can stay secure while everyone is out.

Managing Late Nights Out

Speaking of teenagers, summer is the time of year when they have more freedom to stay out late into the night. Pushing those boundaries may be part of growing up, but there are still ways for parents to manage their teens’ time spent away from home. Using the home automation capabilities of your security system, you can make your kids’ user code generate an alert when they get home at night to be sure they’re on time for curfew. You can also create alerts for their phones, including an alert that reminds them when it’s time to come home. And by creating “scenes,” parents can customize various commands for the system as kids come and go. Be sure to ask us for details on how creating a home automation scene works, and what other options it can give you. 

Navigating Schedule Nightmares

The coaches, tutors and lesson givers who keep kids busy in the summer are often parents themselves. Having their own scheduling issues to juggle with, they often end up affecting the summer schedules of the families they service. So when your oldest child’s baseball practice is moved to the same time of your youngest child’s soccer game, and you find yourself asking another busy parent to give one child a ride, you may need to give that parent temporary access to the home. Your security system can help you do this, by giving you a temporary code the other parent can use to come in to the house at pick up time. When the day is over, the code can be deactivated. It’s simple and convenient.

These are just a few of the ways that home automation can make your family’s summer a little less stressful and a lot more fun. To find out how to upgrade your security system to home automation technology, contact the Southern California home security specialists at Post Alarm Systems.

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