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Zombie costumes, movie villain masks and decorative props in the yard are fun ways to spook up the house for Halloween. But when it comes to creating a house that haunts burglars, the thing that scares them the most is getting caught. To an intruder, a home with that has a fully integrated security system up and running is a true house of horrors. Here’s what it has that frightens them.

Signs that Advise Turning Back

“Beware!” Signs that go in the yard for Halloween are all in good fun, but when you have a Post Alarm Systems sign in your yard signaling the presence of a professionally monitored home security system, those who might be inclined to trespass are often deterred immediately. It lets them know your home has a dedicated connection to a central station monitoring center, standing by to dispatch authorities if they try anything.

The Feeling of Being Watched

No one likes that feeling, but criminals like it even less. When homeowners have intelligent home security cameras installed over the front door and other places outside, people with criminal intentions often see it as a barrier not worth crossing. But if they do, the whole thing will be digitally captured with high-quality, real time images, and the homeowner will receive a smartphone alert. And, remember: The footage can be downloaded, sent to police or even shared on social media to warn others in the neighborhood.

Protection Year Round

Long after Halloween is over, burglars are discouraged by the presence of connected home security. Southern California weather is warm year-round, which means criminals are not always deterred by fall and winter weather; they are, however, dissuaded by the idea of getting caught. To learn more about home security systems that “haunt” criminals all year long, contact Post Alarm Systems.

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